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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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been bound to, that they entered into after they got caught doing some egregious vigilante poll watching in the 1980s. the republican party is legally bound not to do this kind of stuff anymore. as of tonight in new jersey, the democratic party says the republican party is doing it again. they want the court to inter15 to stop them. it's pretty dramatic development in what has been a very edgy part of this campaign. we're going to have republican lawyer ben ginsburg, who is formally the general counsel for the rnc. he is going to be with us here tomorrow night to try to understand what this means. he is probably the leading expert in the country in terms of the republican party's side of this argument. that should be fascinating. but that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." good evening. >> the debate coverage just happened to mention that in a
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little patie litt little. >> if this is what is happening on the republican side, the democratic party is going to bring the republicans back to court. well, they did it tonight. he was prescient about that. >> thank you. well, hillary clinton received a late endorsement from deray mckesson, one of the leaders of the black lives matter movement. he will join us later in the program. but first, if someone supporting your campaign says something crazy, the campaign tradition is to disown that person. but that's if you're running a real presidential campaign. not if you're donald trump, and not if the crazy person is newt gingrich. >> donald trump took time off the campaign. you believe it? >> he is in washington, d.c. to open a new luxury hotel. >> not in a place where he can pick up electoral votes or a place where he is shaking hands with battleground voters. >> my team today is five words. underbudget and ahead of
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schedule. >> but you're a little over your word count. >> by the way, congratulations, newt. that was an amazing interview. >> you are fascinated with sex. say bill clinton sexual predator. >> we don't play games, newt, right, we don't play games. >> this is not a good face for a ticket that is struggling with women voters. >> women have really had it with creepy guys like donald trump. >> just think, in a couple of week, the cubs could have won a world series and we could have a woman president. or they could both lose to a racist mascot. ♪ for it's one, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game ♪ >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. >> donald trump reportedly rehearsed for three weeks before
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singing the old ball game. that was years ago. tonight the question is does newt gingrich really have sex-ray vision? can newt gingrich really tell which cable news hosts are fascinated with sex, as he would put it? here is super newt last night using his super newt sex-ray vision. >> if trump is a sexual predator that is -- >> he is not a sexual predator. you can not say that. >> okay, that's your opinion. i am not taking a position on it. >> people like you using language that is inflammatory. that's not true. >> excuse me, mr. speaker, you have no idea whether it's true or not. what we know is that there are at least -- >> neither do you. >> that's right. and i'm not taking a position on it. >> yes, you. are you want to go back through the tapes of your show recently? you are fascinated with sex, and you don't care about public policy. >> me, really? >> that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> you know what, mr. speaker? i'm not fascinated by sex.
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but i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> i dare you, say bill clinton sexual predator. >> mr. speaker -- >> disbarred by the arkansas bar. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> $850,000 penalty. >> excuse me, sir. we on the kelly file have covered the clinton matter as well. we have hosted kathleen willey. we covered the examples of him being accused as well. but he is not on the ticket. >> he'll be in the east wing. >> in the deeds of hillary clinton's husband than they are in the deeds of the man who asks us to make him president, donald trump. we're going to have to leave it at that. and you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, mr. speaker. thanks for being here. >> and you too. >> of course megyn kelly didn't exhibit any anger issues in that exchange. but for newt gingrich, that, that is what an angry woman sounds like. that's what gets you called an
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angry woman in newt gingrich's world. a real presidential campaign would have immediately disowned newt gingrich for losingis mind on television. but the trump campaign run entirely in the spirit of viciously sexist and stupid 13-year-old boys immediately tweeted a threat to megyn kelly. megyn kelly made a total fool of herself tonight attacking donald trump. watch what happens to her after this election is over. and of course their 4-year-old boy who is the nominee for president was thrilled, thrilled that super newt managed to look as crazy as donald does. >> congratulations, newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. that was an amazing -- [ applause ] we don't play games, newt, right? we don't play games. >> and in breaking news tonight, it appears that newt gingrich
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managed to switch one vote in favor of donald trump. republican utah congressman jason chaffetz, who announced on this program that he was withdrawing his endorsement of donald trump the night the "access hollywood" video was revealed showing donald trump bragging about his methods of sexual assault. tonight congressman chaffetz announced that he is now changed his mind again, and he now will vote for donald trump. joining us now, lis smith, deputy campaign director for martin o'malley's 2016 presidential campaign and the rapid response director for the obama 2012 and former adviser to rand paul for president. and liz, on jason chaffetz, i just want to go become to that night when we were all watching and covering for hours the emergence of this "access hollywood" video. let's listen to what jason
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chaffetz said that night, called into this program. said he cannot be with donald trump, for family reasons. let's listen to this. >> i just -- i can't enforce that person. i just can't do it there is no possible way i'm voting for hillary clinton. she is one of the most flawed candidates in my lifetime. but i can't -- my wife and i, we have a 15-year-old daughter. how in the world could i look my 15-year-old daughter in the eye and say, honey, you know what? your dad endorses donald trump for president. i can't do that. i can't the that. and i won't do that. i also at the end of the day got to look myself in the mirror and say i called balls and strikes as i see them. and you know what? no heart which party, if you're going act like that, and that's how you think, you're not going get my endorsement. you're not going to get my support. and i hope we do that on both sides of the aisle. it's just wrong. and we have to call it out as being wrong. >> lis smith, tonight he has to look his 15-year-old daughter in the eye and say honey, you know what?
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i'm voting for donald trump. >> yeah. aged how in the world is he going to look her in the eye and say honey, i didn't have the balls in 2016 to stand up for you and to stand up for women ahead of my party. and that's something he is going to have to live with for the rest of his life. and that's something that is going have to stay in the republican party for years to come. on november 9 there is going to be a reckoning for the republican party. they're going to have to all sit in this room and say how did this all come about, and what do we do to fix this cancer that has taken over this party. >> elise, after such an ugly night last night with newt gingrich and the trump campaign, why would jason chaffetz do this today? donald trump is in trouble in utah. this is not a popular choice for him to make in utah. >> it makes absolutely no sense. and it is just a spineless, unprincipled choice. and i'm really discountied in the congressman. what is so surprising to me,
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though, as i have been going along to six battleground states over the past month and talking to voter, voters have noticed who is keeping their principles. and i've heard repeatedly from voters who really aren't fans of donald trump, really aren't fans of hillary clinton that john kasich has kept his standing. and i think that's really a testament to he is one of the few politicians who has stayed anti-trump. and voters are noticing. and when this ends, it's not going to be pretty. donald trump has been essentially a cluster bomb taking out republican women voters. they may not come back to the party. and it's something we're going to have to reckon with. i don't want to get too hyperbolic. >> let's listen to this new clinton ad which goes right to the issue that jason chaffetz at least used to think was very important. what do you say to your teenaged daughter. let's listen to this.
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>> a steady hand or a loose cannon? common sense and unity or drama and division? a woman who spent her life helping children and families or man who spent his life helping himself. our children are looking to us. what example will we set? >> liz, that goes right to what jason chaffetz used to think was the deciding factor. >> yeah. it's an important distinction in this election. we going to choose someone who does have a record of fighting for women and children, or are we going to choose someone who when he thinks no one is looking brags about groping women and using his power to do that. we do have a big dmoys this race. i thought the most disappointing thing about newt gingrich's comment last night, which were so cringe worthy was not that he had a problem with donald trump's actions. he had a problem with megyn kelly's word choice. if you have a problem with a
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sexual problem, why don't you have a problem with the fact that donald trump was going around groping women without their consent? >> and elise, we're talking about someone who was caught on video bragging about it. and even then megyn kelly said if -- she used the phrase if he is a sexual predator. and that set newt gingrich off like nothing we have ever seen. >> well, maybe this is hitting a little close to home for newt gingrich. i thoug that megyn kelly showed an enormous amount of restraint, not throwing back into newt gingrich his own sordid history with women. he hasn't exactly been a champion for women in his own life and in his career. so the hypocrisy of this election is nauseating. and i just know that speaking for myself as a republican woman, if this is the party, and if newt gingrich is being an accurate representation of what the party stands for, there is not a place for me, and there is not a place for other republican women who feel the way that i do, that women should not be preyed upon.
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>> and liz, hearing from elise, here is somebody who was working in the presidential primary, that she -- i've never seen anything like this in either party at any time where you have party professionals saying i don't know where the room is for me if this continues. >> yeah. and they're turning their back on the women of america. this is not even a partisan issue. and so, look, my message, elise, the water is warm. come on over. >> elise, did you want to accept that invitation? >> i think i have to test out the libertarian party first, but thank you very much, lis is, for the kind offer. >> all right. we're going to leave there it for tonight. lis smith and elise jordan, thank you both for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, hillary clinton's endorsement from deray mckesson. deray will join us. that's coming up. also, later tonight, chairman
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dave arechambeau. neither presidential campaign is willing to take a position on that pipeline. but first, donald trump's decision on where to campaign today. out on the campaign trail where the electoral votes are, or in his new and failing hotel in washington, d.c.? narratoradventure can be foe t e best place tostaris int kubo: i spy methin beginn"
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teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51. i don't think it was useful to spend today dedicating his hotel in washington, d.c., complimenting newt gingrich on having a food fight with you last night. that was not a good use of today. he has 13 days. he doesn't even have all of the romney 206 electoral votes. he doesn't have north carolina. he doesn't have arizona sewn up. >> how many days will donald trump swerve off the campaign trail between now and election day? we don't know. we'll be back with a look at what he did today. ♪
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access to er 60,000 pharmacies. plus $1 tier 1 genic medications at preferred pharmacies including walgreens anwalmart. shop smart. compare yo part d options today. and find o if aetna rx saver is right for you. say you're running for president, and you get caught by "the washington post" employing undocumented workers who illegally crossed the mexican border. and the place you get caught employing them is right in the middle of washington, d.c., steps away interest the white house that you hope to occupy. and the thing they were building is a hotel inside the shell of an old post office building. if you were a sane presidential candidate, you wouldn't go anywhere near that hotel during the presidential campaign. you would suffer that story in
7:18 pm
the "washington post" back in july and then try the make everyone forget about it. but donald trump is now desperate to sell rooms in his already failing new washington hotel. and so today he conducted a fake opening ceremony for a hotel that has been open for weeks. >> my theme today is five words. underbudget and ahead of schedule. that's what we did. we turned a property that had been neglected for decades and which was losing huge sums of money for the federal government into a major revenue producer and job creator. this is what i want to do for our country. and this is what we're working so hard to do. >> hillary clinton responded while campaigning in an actual battleground state, florida. >> opening that hotel, i think it's important to note that he once again relied on
7:19 pm
undocumented workers. the same people he has been insulting and demonizing throughout this campaign. many of the products in the hotel were made overseas rather than here in the united states. and he even sued the district of columbia to pay lower taxes. that is the way that he does business. now, we've actually learned in this campaign that donald trump is the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy. >> joining us now, david cay johnston, columnist with the daily beast. he is the author of "the making of donald trump." you've been studying donal trump's practices for decades now. "the washington post" did a well documented report speaking directly to the workers there. they told their stories to "the washington post." donald trump gets caught. and then he goes back to the scene of the crime today. >> well, and you'll notice that
7:20 pm
donald in his statement says there were no illegal workers. they were all everify. i didn't floe employee an illegal worker. well, donald trump never employees anybody. he operates through corporations and contractors and other people. so he can say without quite lying that he didn't employee any illegal workers, even though it's pretty clear you can find them easily when they were working on the project. >> he was asked today about as hillary clinton mentioned, a foreign products being used in the hotel. let's look at that. >> are there foreign products in the building? >> that i don't know. i would like to make it so there weren't. but unfortunately this country doesn't make things anymore. >> we don't make things anymore in this country. >> he could have bought his flatware from a company in syracuse, new york. it would have cost him more money. but he could have bought it there. there are still textile companies in this country. it's part of the whole fraud of
7:21 pm
the trump campaign from the very beginning when the people who interrupted him with applause 43 times when he announced turned out to be paid actors. >> and the reports indicate that the hotel is in trouble. he apparently overbid for it significantly above marriott and the other more professionally run hotel chains that figured out a room -- you have to figure out how much money am i going to get per room when i make my bid. and donald trump estimated it was going to be somewhere around $800. these rooms are now sell i don't think line for a few hundred dollars. he is not going to come anywhere close to the projections, which means he will probably be coming back to the government and saying at some point i cannot pay you what i said i was going to pay you, which is exactly what his competitors told the government he would do. >> yes. hilton hotels did the layout in great detail why trump would not be able to honor his deal. and that goes to something else about trump.
7:22 pm
and that is when you sign a contract, most of us, that's the deal. to donald, that's the beginning of the negotiations so he doesn't pay you what he agreed to pay you. hotels is a business i also studied because i cofounded a little two-bit tiny hotel management company. and there is no way he is going to succeed in this hotel. it's not in a great location. and one of the stories we're going see down the road is donald blaming you and me and other journalists for his failure because he mismanaged this deal. >> and we also have a report from "the huffington post" that one of the things the trump campaign is spending its money on is donald trump's book, "the art of the deal." $300,000 spent on the book. and as we all know, that means a significant percentage of that goes right back to donald trump in his pocket, as royalties. so here he is using campaign contributions from the little guy to find another to pay himself back. >> yes. and of the $36 million that he
7:23 pm
has loaned his campaign, which is only about 15% of the money, he spent roughly a quarter of that on renting space from himself at three times the rate hillary clinton is payg for her campaign headquarters, leasing his jet. you and i as taxpayers have to pay a premium price for the secret service agents who fly in his jets because it's more expensive per hour than the jet that hillary clinton is using. >> david cay johnston, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really brought it. >> thank you. coming up next, deray mckesson met with mr. clinton last week. he endorse herd today. he joins us next. e. your insurance company ises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't rse your rates duto your first accident accident forgiveness, liberty mutual insurce.e your rates (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oweh) (hush my dar.. (d fear my dling...)
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i'm sick of symbolic things. we are fighting for our lives. civil rights activist fannie lou hamer said that. and today deray mckesson quoted that in his "washington post" op-ed, announcing his endorsement of hillary clinton for president. in that piece, deray mckesson also quoted shirley chisholm who ran for the democratic president in 1992. shirley chisholm said freedom is an endless horizon and there are many, many roads that lead to it. deray mckesson is one of the prominent leaders of the black lives matter movement. and in his endorsement of hillary clinton he wrote i am not naive enough to believe that voting is the only way to bring about transformational change, just as i know that protest
7:28 pm
alone is not the sole solution to the challenges we face. joining us now for an exclusive interview, deray mckesson in his first interview since endorsing hillary clinton. deray, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> it's good to be here. >> deray, you met with hillary clinton last week. what did you say? what did she say to you in that discussion that moved you to endorse her this week? >> so it wasn't just a conversation. i met with her a year ago. and it was before there was a platform. so i had been looking at the platform over the past year. bernie's platform was also really robust. and she is a democratic nominee. i met with her last friday as a follow-up in some ways to the first meeting. impressed her about three specific things i had questions about. one was what was she going to do about not just nonviolent drug offenders, but everybody else who is caught up in the system of mass incarceration. the second is about money for police training. not actually going to the police, but making sure it goes to people in communities. and also making sure that it
7:29 pm
goes to mental health providers and not just funneling more money to the police. and the third is when we spoke before, she talked about the importance of community oversight. but i didn't see that at all this the platform. and she responded to all three of those things. they were most of the follow-up that i wanted to hear about with regard to her platform. >> and deray, thanks to your efforts largely, this is the first presidential campaign in history in which police use of deadly force and abuse of deadly force has become a possible campaign issue? tell us more about what hillary clinton has told you she will be looking at in trying to achieve in that arena from the presidency. >> i'm just one of many people who has been pressing for the past two years to force a conversation about race injustice, and specifically to force a conversation about criminal justice focused on black people and safety and equity around black people. with regard to use of force, she
7:30 pm
is calling for a national use of force standard. that's important. we believe in that she is calling for the doj to be funded in a way that will allow them to push for more reform at the local level. remember that 18,000 police departments. the federal level, what they can do is use funding as a lever, and also create models that police departments in cities across the country have to implement. i think that her platform here is strong. i think it's a beginning. i think this is just the beginning of the fight to push and make sure this is translated into the administration. and i would actually hope to see like a special assistant or something that reports to the president around criminal justice given how important this is. and with undoing some parts of the '94 crime bill. it will take some real work. i think that she is planning to start with mandatory minimums. i think that she knows that that is not enough to undo all of it. but it's a beginning. and we have to start somewhere. >> deray, what were your feelings about her as a person in your meetings with her, particularly your last meeting?
7:31 pm
you're meeting with a presidential candidate who is in the lead weeks away from possibly being elected president. were you surprised by anything about her as a person? >> no, not surprised. oprah said it best. you don't have to be her best friend. you are not trying to find a new best friend when you're looking for who to vote for in any elected office. what is real about secretary clinton is she does her homework. so in that meeting, she was very well versed on all of the questions that were asked. and she responded thoughtfully with concrete answers. it was not like a high level sort of overview and gloss. it was clear she had done her homework about them. and i appreciate that. remember the first time we met with her, there was no platform. so there were more general answers, sort of more inclinations whereby she might land. but at this point she knew the issues well. and was able to talk about them. so i appreciated that. and again, this is just the beginning of us pressing her to make sure that we see the changes and the form that is
7:32 pm
necessary in the administration. >> deray, please stay with us. when we come back, mark thompson will join us. he just did a breaking news interview on his radio program with hillary clinton. we will bring you some of that when we come right back. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. thmost shocking result w at i'm 26%6%ative americ had no idea. thjust to know thisult w at i'is what i'm made of, this is whe my ancestors came from.
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tonight on mark thompson's siriusxm said that donald trump is running on fear mongering and blatant bigotry. >> i think he has been pretty clear that he has a very negative view about so many groups of americans, and he is now, rather than campaigning on. >> claiming he is going to sue everybody. it's fearmongering, and it's also just blatant bigotry. a mother wrote to me about her son who had been adopted from ethiopia when he was a toddler. and they live now in the united states. it's the only country he has ever been in.
7:36 pm
and her son said to his mother after hearing donald trump, will he send me become to ethiopia. and i've met muslims, i've met latino, young children who have started to cry in front of me because donald trump is going to round up their parents and deport them. you know, so everything this man has said has hurt people. and so that among many reasons is why he should never be near wielding real power. he is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be our president. >> joining the discussion now, siriusxm's mark thompson, deray mckesson is still with us. i would imagine some of the conversation you had with hillary clinton today might sound a lot like the conversation that deray mckesson had with her last week. >> yeah, i think it was. and blessings to you, brother deray for all your work. you know, i think it's also
7:37 pm
telling, because i heard you ask deray about what her demeanor was in speaking with him. this is someone who is very much -- who very much has the support of the african american electorate. i'm on siriusxm progress. so she definitely has the support of our listenership. >> you hear it every day. >> yeah. and what i'm saying is she didn't have to meet with deray to get the black vote. didn't didn't need to come on sirius xm progress to get our listeners' vote. what you're hearing and what i'm sure deray heard is someone who i believe is sincere about the concerns. hillary clinton brought up systemic racism in her conversation with me today before i brought it up. she brought up bigotry before i brought it up. we were critical of her in 2008. she made a not very well worded comment about lyndon johnson,
7:38 pm
lbj versus mlk and how he got it done, and you need a president to get it done. she has said that again more artfully. i do think she understands the contributions of mlk. but she aspires to be that lbj of '64 and '65, and the one who signed a civil rights act, the voting rights act and appointed thurgood marshall to the supreme court. i think that's what her aspiration. and i think she is very well aware of what is ahead. so much unlike her opponent, donald trump. >> well, her opponent today came up with what he called a new deal for black america. let's listen to what he says the new deal for black america is with police. let's listen to this. >> we will also police our streets. have to make our streets safe. i want poor every poor african american child to be able the walk down the street in peace and not be scared and not be hurt. [ applause ] the problem is not the presence
7:39 pm
of police, but the absence of police. >> deray mckesson, your reaction to donald trump's new deal for black americans. >> i want to know who was in the room clapping, because it surely wasn't black people when he was talking about that. it is clear. people have already acknowledged that trump is racist. that he is campaigning on a platform of racism and bigotry, and when he says make america great again, it's about taking us back to a time when that was legally tolerated. when i think about my pressing of hillary clinton, you know, she -- a lot of people talk about the super predator comment, her involvement the night of her crime bill. at this point there is nothing she can do to unsay those things. she said them. what she can do is show news a concrete plan and fashion how her thinking has changed and evolved. that's why when i wrote the piece about why i'm vote for her, it is important the platform see the details to undo it. it's important to hear her respond what are the concrete
7:40 pm
things you're going to do to make justice more real for more people, especially black and brown people in this country. and i think the plan is there. i think that the beginning of plan is there. is it perfect? no. but our job is to push her on it. and to make sure that that is a real part of our work. so, again, with trump, people shouldn't necessarily vote out of fear. i think trump is dangerous. we've agreed on that. there were no black people in that audience when he is talking about his plan for black people. >> she says she wants to be accountable. >> deray says his job will be holding her accountable. could both you have stay? because when we come back, i'd like to have someone else join this conversation, the leader of the standing rock sioux tribe, dave archambault will join us for a wider discussion of how social action can push issues into the presidential campaign. ♪ using 60,000 pnts frommymyhd
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news. the obama administration suspended construction on lands controlled by the army corps of engineers. but construction has proceeded in other areas. we have repeatedly asked both presidential campaigns if they support construction of the pipeline and have received no answers from the trump campaign or the clinton campaign. donald trump's campaign has received $100,000 from kelsey warren, the ceo of the pipeline company. and donald trump has never met a pipeline he doesn't like. so we can get what his position. donald trump's disclosure forms indicates he has an investment in that company that is worth between $500,000 and a million dollars. the clinton campaign silence is a bit more surprising. joining the discussion now is the leader of the standing rock sioux tribe chairman dave archambault. dave, thank you very much for being here tonight. i've been fascinated by how much attention your protest has achieved and more fascinated by how much it's been ignored and how the presidential campaigns
7:45 pm
can continually ignore our questions about where they stand on this issue. are you having any more luck communicating with the presidential campaigns? >> you know, i think it's a really simple issue. what we're standing for is water. and you can't get any more basic than that. but what we're going up against is power. we have political force. we have candidates who receive contributions from the oil industry. we have labor unions who are saying -- and we're not fighting labor unions. we are in support of labor unions getting work. but they're saying by stopping this pipeline, we're taking jobs away from them. we're asking them to reroute this pipeline, and they'll get additional work. but we are also up against the corporate world. so what we have? the only thing that we do have
7:46 pm
is the support. we have thousands and thousands of people from all over the world coming to standing rock. we have over two dozen cities who have signed on in support is of standing rock's effort in stopping this pipeline. we have nations around the world, different companies come in. and that's basically what we have to go up against this force, this power, political power, financial power. and we're just a small tribe. but no more. we're saying enough is enough. and we have to stand up for water. something as simple as that and it's easy to get in, to buy into and say it's the most important thing. all we have to do is try to go without water for two or three days and we realize how important it is to us. it's more important than oil. it's more important than money. it's more important than anything else on this earth.
7:47 pm
>> water is life is what everyone sells when you're up there at the reservation, what you taught me and what i learned up there. deray mckesson, here we have the tribes who are in this country the original protesters. certainly the original protesters against the federal government. so this is a centuries old protest in many ways. but they can't get up to the level of attention that you've managed to get with black lives matter and with your movement. when you look at a movement like this, and the struggles that dave is describing here, i can just transfer all of those elements into the struggle that you've been in against powerful police unions, against powerful governing entities that don't want to hear from you. how did you make that climb all the way up to the point where you are now? >> so i'd say keep the fight is the best advice. if you think about ferguson in 2014, august of 2014, people look back in ferguson.
7:48 pm
they think that we were there for a weekend in protest for the initial phase of protest or it was 30 days. we were in the street for over 350 days, right. and two years ago, people thought that there was a crisis in ferguson. they did not yet realize there was a crisis across the country. so i would say keep the fight. some of this work is slow. and this work will always be more important than it is popular. but this is the work. and i think you will continue to see people joining the case. i know so much more about your protest today because of social media and because of other people joining. and i think we'll just continue to see the critical mass grow. >> jesse jackson was up there today. i think with is rea photograph of jesse jackson at the reservation today. mark thompson, maybe you knew that jesse could handle himself on a horse like that. but that's a revelation to me. >> i did not know that. i'm not surprised, though. reference jackson is pretty versatile himself. and it says a lot about the necessity for solidarity. i'm in solidarity with my
7:49 pm
sisters and brothers at standing rock. and there is some historical foundation for that. all of our struggles are similar. and there is some intersection. we know the police and law enforcement have been brutalizing people at standing rock and have treated native americans around the country the same way they have treated african americans. so we all should stand together. and it does take eternal vigilance. deray's quote at the start of the show, montgomery bus boycott was a year. it took a loft discipline. >> how much attention did it get in the first few months of the year? >> didn't get a lot of attention at all. montgomery was essentially a small town in the south. but it changed the movement, catapulted a movement. and created the great legacy of the prophet dr. king. so we should all be in solidarity with you. soon change will come.
7:50 pm
>> you know, dave, when i got off the plane in north dakota, one of the things i thought about is this is quite a hike for the american news media. one of the reasons you don't have the satellite trucks throughout is how far away it is and the fact that all the satellite trucks are covering the presidential campaign all day. >> and i think that in order to get the national attention that we deserve, media is waiting for something bad to happen. >> yes, yet. that's the tragedy of this. >> that's true. >> there is such a worthy cause here and what we're standing up for, that it deserves all the media attention in the world. but it's getting to a point where something bad could happen if we don't do something about this. >> you're seeing out there now what we saw in ferguson, which is a big militarization of the local police force. >> right. >> you've got these vehicles coming out there. and l.a. there has been absolutely no provocation for
7:51 pm
that from the protesters. >> we've been maintaining the position that this is a peaceful protest. it's nonviolent. we want to make sure that violence isn't part of what we're doing. and if we can stay on that moral high ground. and the police when they do something to react that. >> don't know how to react to that. but when they do, that will bring the mass media, the mainstream media. >> deray mckesson, do you have a last word for dave archambault before we go? >> i stand in solidarity with the protesters all across the country and definitely at standing rock. and again, keep the fight, that we have so much more to do and so much farther to go. >> deray mckesson, mark thompson, thank you for joining us tonight. dave archambault is going to stay with us. we're going to talk more what they're planning to do tomorrow. be right back. we met when we were very young... i was 17, hwas 18. we made the movie the book of life.
7:52 pm
wetarted doing animaon. th the surface book, you can actually draw on the screen. so crisp. i love it. it almost lihis super powerful computer and a tablet had the rfect baby. (laughin 's a typewriter for writing scripts... it's a sketchbook r sketches...'s a canvor painting... you can't do that on a mac.
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7:54 pm
we're back with dave archambault, the leader of the standing rock sioux tribe. and we are joined by a member of that tribe, gracie claymore. gracie, this is your first trip to new york? >> yes. >> and dave, can you tell what's you have planned tomorrow in new york? >> i'm going to let gracie. >> okay. gracie's got a plan. go ahe. >> myself and nine other youth from standing rock, we are planning a rally tomorrow in front of hillary clinton's headquarters. we're planning on asking her to take a stand against the dakota access pipeline because as our future president, we want her to be able to uphold the promises that the u.s. government has made us and uphold all the treaties that have been made. and she is going to be working for us some day. some day soon. >> so you're going to take the issue -- you've taken it all the way from north dakota to brooklyn tomorrow, right outside the headquarters of the clinton campaign, and you're going to
7:55 pm
try to get the answer that i haven't been able to get, which is what is your position on this pipeline? >> uh-huh. well, this movement has started with the youth. they ran all the way from north dakota to washington, d.c. to bring awareness to this issue. >> they did that over the summer. i met some of the girls who did the run, all the way from north dakota to washington. it was amazing. >> yeah, it was amazing. something i definitely wouldn't be able to do. but it really sparked a movement within the youth, and it brought them a new sense of pride and a new sense of hope, which is why the youth felt so inspired to come all the way out here to ask our future president how she is going to be able to help us and if she plans on taking a stance against the dakota access pipeline. >> and dave, president obama and michelle obama came to your reservation you. met with them before this was an issue. this was a few years ago. so he knows the area. he knows you. and it seems to me that that was part of what was involved in the
7:56 pm
obama administration's sudden decision to put the construction on hold, to suspend it in the areas that they controlled. >> i think it's important that we build relationships. if there is anything that we want to change in the future, we have to establish relationships. and we establish the relationship. gracie was one of the youth that had met with president and first lady and left the impact on that visit, left an impression on them. >> you were in that private discussion that you had with the president, michelle obama? >> yeah, i was. >> what did you talk to them about? >> we talked to them about the struggles and the hardships that we face as native youth on reservations. and that's the same from our reservation throughout all indian country. well all face the same issues, the same struggles. and we were able to have a really meaningful discussion about the things that we go through.
7:57 pm
and it seemed to make a big impact on them, because they did change policies after that visit. and i hope that the president and the first lady keep their promises to us as far as them standing beside us no matter and permanently halt the dakota access pipeline. >> and dave, i know that hillary clinton when she was first lady visited reservations in certain parts of the country. so she has an understanding i would think of some of these issues. >> again, i think it's important that we establish relationships. and with the clinton administration, we need to continue to build on the relationships that we establish with the obama administration. i just feel that, you know, this is a sensitive issue for hillary clinton because she understands that it's -- that it's indian country. and there is labor union, and there is a conflict.
7:58 pm
and so the best position for her is to be silent. but it's time to speak up and be in support of what is right. and stand up for water. >> a problem a former secretary of state should be capable of handling. thank you for joining us. dave, great to see you again and thank you for welcoming me up there at the reservation. we'll be right back. recelygrd pr race cares-nz de history wheit sold for a record price of just under $30 milln. and now, another merceces-nz makes historselling at just over $30,000.
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you know, with 13 days left in this election, we cannot stop for a minute. no complacency here. nobody -- nobody flagging. >> that's the last "the last wo tonight. "the 11th hour" with brian williams is live and it is next. tonight donald trump doubles down on newt gingrich's claim that megyn kelly is "fascinated with sex." we'll talk about the fallout and the growing concerns among republicans about a war on women within their own ranks. despite it all, donald trump is gaining ground, new polls show the race is tightening in some states. we'll look at where the battleground map is tonight to see where things actually stand. the 11th hour begins now. good evening from our election headquarters in new york whereby morning we will be 12 days from election day. but tonight a new report


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